Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement.

19th July 2021

Following the government plans to lift restrictions from July 2021, we have updated our stay safe promise to let you know what we are continuing to do to keep our Residents and staff members safe.

The Government has relaxed restrictions completely on 19th July 2021 to try and end the period of lock down. We as a home need to ensure we are doing everything we can to protect our residents whilst encouraging well-being and normality.
As before please be aware government guidance is only guidance, each home is responsible for how they deal with the pandemic and we may differ from other homes.

We continue to keep you and our residents safe by having a robust cleaning schedule to follow and ensure all safety of visitors and us as a home.

All appropriate areas will continue to be disinfected with healthcare grade cleaning chemicals and sanitise on a regular basis. High use areas, confined spaces and key touch points will continue to receive high levels of cleaning at regular intervals. Sanitiser stations will still be available at key points throughout the home, with disposable face masks available at reception area.
We are also advised that any positive results of swab tests within the home, will immediately close the home to all visits until the home is deemed safe to re-open.


We are gradually introducing in-door visits in addition to the original 4 pod visits.

The Pod visiting times remain the same:

  • 10am – 11am
  • 11am – 12pm
  • 14pm – 15pm
  • 15pm – 16pm

To start with, 6 indoor visits; which would be staggered through-out the day and on different floors. These will also need to be booked in advance. The resident will be allowed two visitors per indoor visit and only one visit per day to reduce risk of infection at this point, with rising infection rates.

Both visitors will be required to have an LFD test and only a negative result for entry into the building. This is required to be one of the home’s LFD tests for extra precaution. Whilst the result is confirmed, we ask you wait either in your car or in our pod should it be free. If you were to ‘pop’ to the shop we would ask you to re-sit the test.

On entry into the Home, we ask you continue to wear your PPE e.g. mask, apron and gloves. If you cannot wear a mask e.g. your loved one is deaf we ask you wear one of our visors.

You will then be escorted to the resident’s room where the visit will take place.

You will be unable to walk around the home freely to reduce your contact with others.

If an LFD test is declined by a visitor, we shall refuse entry into the home or garden, regardless of vaccination status.

Our aim is to gradually ease our restrictions whilst maintaining the safety of everyone in the process.

Family and Friends can arrange to take Residents for outdoor visits (5 named individuals) to low risk areas. This can be your own home, in a garden or park. We would discourage busy environments such as shopping centres, pubs, restaurants and cafés etc.

An individual Resident risk assessment would be carried out.

For such arrangements, a negative LFD test wouId be required, and a proof of vaccination status may be asked for through the NHS App.

Those who lack capacity to make the decision for themselves, we need to ensure we are making the decision in their best interest.  Our window visits will be continuing with the booking scheme already in place.

We thank you all for your patience and understanding.

For further information or clarification; please contact the Home Manager; Beckie either by email or telephone call.

Yours sincerely,


Care Home Manager.