Coronavirus COVID-19 Statement

As advised by the Government and as we move to the next phase of our plans to support our residents, and staff during this period of uncertainty with coronavirus COVID-19, we are asking for your help and support in our decision of ‘NO VISITORS’, except healthcare professionals and essential maintenance.

This is to ensure that we keep you and your loved ones as safe as possible knowing that this virus is very contagious. Where there are exceptional circumstances, we will allow controlled visits, as arranged in advanced with the Home Manager.

We have made arrangement for digital communication to enable our residents to use social media, skype, video calls, etc. to ensure you have some contact with your loved ones.

We understand that this is a worrying time for you, and we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that our residents and staff are as safe as possible, and we are staying close to the advice from public health authorities.

Thank you in advance for your patience and co-operation

Kindest regards,

Daksha Desai